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Required Files: None

Download CrystalDiskInfo Portable, extract and run the file. Generate a DiskInfo text file. Upload the text file to Syncro Asset. Generate RMM Alert and Ticket, add 15 minutes to ticket and close ticket and alert.

This script requires CrystalDiskInfo zipfile attached to function. BYO.


<# Enter YOUR subdomain with Syncro MSP
SUBDOMAIN = Change to your subdomain with Syncro
EMAIL = Set up as your email for your account
DURATION = Duration in minutes that you want to record for this process.
<# Created by Scott Pettie of PCWizrd #>
<# Updated 8/23/18 #>
$subdomain = "subdomain"
$email = "[email protected]"
$duration = 15
$startAt = (Get-Date).AddMinutes(-30).toString("o")
Import-Module $env:SyncroModule
# This creates an alert in Syncro and triggers the "New RMM Alert" in the Notification Center - automatically de-duping per asset.
Rmm-Alert -Category 'Hardware' -Body 'CrystalDiskInfo Details'
# Create Ticket Entry
$result = Create-Syncro-Ticket -Subdomain $subdomain -Subject "Get CrystalDiskInfo for $env:computername" -IssueType "Hardware" -Status "New"
write-output $result
$ticket = $result.ticket.number
# Put script data below here
# downloads CrystalDiskInfo Portable and extracts it
# this places it in C:\temp\crystaldiskinfo
Expand-Archive C:\temp\ -DestinationPath C:\temp\crystaldiskinfo
# run crystaldiskinfo /copyexit
# generates DiskInfo.txt file
C:\temp\crystaldiskinfo\DiskInfo64.exe /CopyExit
# This will upload the file to Syncro and attach it to the Asset.
Upload-File -Subdomain $subdomain -FilePath "C:\temp\crystaldiskinfo\DiskInfo.txt"
# Marks ticket as resolved and closed
Create-Syncro-Ticket-TimerEntry -Subdomain $subdomain -TicketIdOrNumber $ticket -StartTime $startat -DurationMinutes $duration -Notes "Automated system performed task." -UserIdOrEmail $email
Update-Syncro-Ticket -Subdomain $subdomain -TicketIdOrNumber $ticket -Status "Resolved"