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Required Files: None

This will download your custom whitelabel installer, install, set the product type, and log the user in.

Just add your recent windows installer.exe as C:\temp\backup-installer.exe in the required files section to make it work.


Import-Module $env:SyncroModule
# Get these 2 values from this page;
$whitelabelCompanyName = "Your Co"
$whitelabelProductName = "Your Product"
$cloudberryOnlineUser = "[email protected]"
$cloudberryOnlinePassword = "theirPassword"
$backupPlanName = "Workstation Backups"
$backupSchedule = "-every day -at 00:00"
# Add your installer .exe to your Script Files so you can deploy and install via this script.
#  Attach your installer as C:\temp\backup-installer.exe
if ([System.IntPtr]::Size -eq 4) { $winBit = "" } else { $winBit = " (x86)" }
$pathToCbb = "C:\Program Files$winBit\$whitelabelCompanyName\$whitelabelProductName\cbb.exe"
# Send silent installer command to start
& C:\temp\backup-installer.exe /S 2>&1
Start-Sleep -Milliseconds 300
while(Get-Process backup-installer -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)
    write-host "Waiting for install to finish..."
    Start-Sleep -Milliseconds 3000
#cbb.exe option -edition desktop
#cbb.exe addAccount -e [email protected] -p their_password
& cmd /c $pathToCbb option -edition desktop 2>&1
& cmd /c $pathToCbb addAccount -e $cloudberryOnlineUser -p $cloudberryOnlinePassword 2>&1
Write-Host "Ok, its installed! We also set to Desktop and logged in. Now we just gotta setup the plans!"
$tmpFile = "C:\temp\cbb_accounts.txt"
& cmd /c $pathToCbb account -l > $tmpFile 2>&1
gc $tmpFile
$accounts = gc $tmpFile
[regex]$regex = '\w+-\w+-\w+-\w+-\w+'
$accountID = $regex.Matches(($accounts | select-string  -pattern "Space used")).Value
# we are going to get the first storage account and use it.
# sample output from 'account -l' command
# Sure Data Backup - Online Desktop/Server (File Backup) Edition Command Line Interface started
# Login: [email protected]
# Storage accounts:
# 1. ID: '1111111-fe57-43bb-be93-ABC123'. Name: 'Cloud Account' Space used: 84268664
#cbb.exe addBackupPlan -n "CLI" -aid 1111111-fe57-43bb-be93-ABC123 -d %userprofile%\Documents -notification ErrorOnly -winLog on -every day -at 00:00
cd "C:\Program Files$winBit\$whitelabelCompanyName\$whitelabelProductName\"
& cmd /c cbb.exe addBackupPlan -n $backupPlanName -aid "$accountID" -d "C:\Users" -notification ErrorOnly -winLog on -every day -at 00:00 2>&1
Write-Host "Nice! Now you have a backup plan!"