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Required Files: None

Monitor multiple important services from a single script on a standard server. Notify if any of them are stopped.


Import-Module $env:SyncroModule
   Monitors the status of an array of services
   Checks the status of each service, and optionally creates a Syncro alert if it was not running.
    Set options below:
    $alertSyncro = $true / $false : Set to $true to create an alert in Syncro
    $alertCategory = "my_alert_category" : category of RMM alert generated in Syncro
    $services = "Netlogon", "Spooler" : The array of services you want to check 
$alertCategory = "services"
$notify = $true
$services = "epag", "DcomLaunch", "MSDTC", "gpsvc", "Netlogon", "Spooler", "TermService",
 "RpcSs", "SamSs", "LanmanServer", "SENS", "Schedule", "ProfSvc", "EventLog", "Winmgmt", "LanmanWorkstation"
Get-Service -Include $services | Where-Object {$_.Status -eq "Stopped"} | Tee-Object -Variable stoppedServices 
if($stoppedServices.Count -gt 0)
    $notification = $stoppedServices | Format-Table -Property DisplayName | Out-String
        Rmm-Alert -Category $alertCategory -Body "The following services are stopped `n $($notification)"