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Required Files: SharedScriptRequiredFile 48

Uninstall a Program Specified at Runtime. Use * for a wildcard for the program name. Ex. Mozilla Firefox*
Currently set to uninstall up to 5 programs that matches the variable at a time.


Import-Module $env:SyncroModule -WarningAction SilentlyContinue
#  Uses
#  Nirsoft UninstallView utitilty
c:\temp\UninstallView.exe /quninstallwildcard $UninstallProgram 5
#  Quietly uninstall the specified software (Without displaying user interface). 
#  You can specify wildcard in the display name, in order to use the same command to uninstall different versions of a software, for example: 
#       UninstallView.exe /quninstallwildcard "Mozilla Firefox*"
#  By default, this command can uninstall multiple items that match the wildcard. 
#       You can specify the maximum number of items to uninstall in the {Max Items} parameter, Currenlty set to 5
#  for example: Below would uninstall Mozilla Firefox and possibly up to 5 versions that start with the same name.
#    UninstallView.exe /quninstallwildcard "Mozilla Firefox*" 5